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Delta Challenger TS7 H 00

Shoe: Hind Model: Symmetrical Clips: Unclipped Sizes: 4*0 - 2 Truer fit, longer wear, and greater pe..


Diamond Draft 6

DraftCommonly used to make pulling shoes, the Diamond Draft is ½” thick by 1” wide and is manufactur..


Kerckhaert SSP 20X8 H 2

SSPThe original unclipped style, most popular on the hunter jumper circuit. A broad choice of steel ..


Mustad City Head 7 250CT

Mustad City Head Nail Simple and safe nailing with minimal hoof wall displacement The popular all-pu..

Mustad Combo 6  250CT OUT OF STOCK

Mustad Combo 6 250CT

Mustad Combo Nail For horseshoes with larger sections Combo nail is designed using a combination of ..


Mustad Libero ARC 4 250CT

Mustad Libero ARC Nail Two innovative features in one design Unique design, the Libero-ARC ‘s angled..


St. Croix 2 Deg Race HTC 3

Our 2-Degree wedge hind plate features a firm stable heel support for running horses, combined with ..


St. Croix Concorde XLT H 8

St. Croix Forge Concorde XLTXLT Model features a 0.08" (2mm) steel toe grabThe St. Croix Concorde ra..