3D HoofCare Hoof Pads 101: What You Need to Know

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Hoof pads are an essential item for any equine when it comes to hoof care and hoof repair, helping to support and protect the sensitive underside of the animal’s hoof while providing stable footing on a variety of surfaces. Understanding the benefits of hoof pads along with ensuring they are applied correctly is an important skill for every equine farrier.

As a trusted name in Canadian farrier supply, we at Professional Farrier only carry the top brands in hoof pads and hoof care and are proud to now offer 3D HoofCare’s line of quality hoof pads. So, let’s take a deeper look at what you need to know when it comes to the benefits and application of 3D HoofCare hoof pads.

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What are the benefits of 3D HoofCare hoof pads?

Created by world-renowned farrier Derek Poupard, his HoofCare hoof pads combine years of experience in the industry and cutting-edge technology to make a product that is as effective as it is comfortable. Here’s why:

  1. They keep your horse’s hoof healthy.

The ‘frog’ is the most sensitive part of a horse’s hoof and is often subject to a lot of pressure and wear as the horse moves, especially on uneven and rocky ground. 3DHoofCare hoof pads are equipped with a special support for the horse’s frog that spreads the full force of the horse's weight equally across the wall of the hoof and the frog, preventing the frog from making contact with the ground and protecting it from soreness and corns. Hoof pads are also a great way to support your horse’s hoof as it heals from a previous injury.

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  1. High tech makes them mould to your horse’s hoof for a natural fit.

Each 3D HoofCare hoof pad is cut by a 3D printer, allowing for precise and consistent measurements across products. The ultimate goal of 3D HoofCare hoof pads is to mimic the natural state of your animal’s hoof while barefoot, keeping the hoof (and the horse!) equally healthy and comfortable. When paired with FootPro™ DIM Impression Material, 3D HoofCare hoof pads provide the ultimate in support and comfort. Select FootPro™ DIM20 for a softer, cushion-like feel, or try FootPro™ DIM40 for a firmer level of support.

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  1. They come in a variety of styles to suit your horse’s individual needs.

3D HoofCare hoof pads come in a variety of options depending on your horse’s needs and primary environment.

Half Mesh Pad: This pad is intended for horses that spend their time in either a controlled riding environment, such as an arena, or a grass pasture. Soft impression material and anti-bacterial copper sulphate (such as Allen’s Blue Powder, which protects against bacteria growth) are required with the use of this hoof pad.

3D Half Mesh Degree Pad: Wedge version of the Half Mesh Pad, used to re-align the hoof pastern axis angle. This pad benefits horses that need bony column support, such as laminitic horses, helping the frog share a portion of and reduce the load of other areas of the hoof. These pads maintain the position of the frog relative to other structures of the hoof.

Full Mesh Pad: Ideal for horses with thin soles or who reside in stony or rocky riding environments and turnout, the full mesh pad provides the ultimate amount of protection and must be used in combination with soft impression material and anti-bacterial copper sulphate.

Eclipse Flat Pad: The lightest of the three pads, the Eclipse Flat Pad is best suited to racehorses requiring light frog support to help spread the large amount of force taken by the animal’s heel. Digital impression support material is not needed with this pad.

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How do I apply 3D HoofCare hoof pads?

3D printed hoof pads are fairly simple and easy to apply.

Step 1: Combine your hoof pad with your horseshoe by using two nails in the centre grooves to hold the shoe and pad together in place. Note: Before setting them in place with the nails, you may need to grind down the ends of the horseshoe to ensure they sit relatively flush to the grooves of the pad’s frog support.

Step 2: Add copper sulphate to the bottom of your horse’s hoof. You may want to wet the bottom of the hoof to ensure powdered copper sulphate sticks better. Next, you’ll ready your impression material and apply it to the hoof. Now, place the pad with the horseshoe on top and nail it to the hoof.

Step 3: Once the horse places their full weight on the shoe and pad, the impression material will spread across the full hoof. Remove any excess and dress the hoof as you normally would.

For a complete demonstration of a 3D HoofCare hoof pads application, check out the video below! And don’t forget to visit https://www.3dhoofcare.com/how-to for more instructions and detailed photos.



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