Crease Nail Pullers

Crease Nail Pullers
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Diamond NP12 Crease Nail Puller

DIAMOND Nail PullerEssential tool for removal of nails from crease of shoes that have been on the ho..


MFC Crease Nail Puller

HorseAllowsWSHAMCLBna farriers to change shoeing posture without having to drop the foot.- Takes you..

Mustad Crease Nail Puller Blackened PREORDER

Mustad Crease Nail Puller Blackened

Mustad Crease Nail Puller For pulling nails from all types of horseshoes The jaws of this ..


Lopez 9" Crease Nail Puller

These are 9" long crease nail pullers with a black rubber handles. (Lopez is no longer making the 12..