Clinch Gouge

Clinch Gouge
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Double S Clinch Gouge Double

The Double S Clinch Gouge has a comfortable wooden handle grip making work easy on horse hooves. Mad..

MFC Clinch Gouge w/Rubber Handle Right PREORDER

MFC Clinch Gouge w/Rubber Handle Right

HorseAllowsWSHAMCLB farriers to change shoeing posture without having to drop the foot.- Takes your ..

MFC Wood Handle Abcess Gouge PREORDER

Mustad Under Clinch Gouge

Mustad Under Clinch Gouge For a clean embedding of the nail The Mustad under clinch gouge ..


Diamond Double Clinch Gouge

Diamond Farrier's Diamond Double Clinch Groover/Hoof Gouge features a double face for use with the l..