Mustad Regular 9 100CT

Mustad Regular 9 100CT

Mustad Regular Nail 

American style nail for heavy shoes 

The traditional regular nail is especially suitable for heavy, pack and working horses. However, horses that work under variable conditions on demanding terrain will also benefit from the strength of the Regular nail.

Product summary

Model     USA style

Type      Flat head 

Sizes     5 - 12

Terrain   Turf/Grass / Pavement / Rock / Sand

Activity  Barrel racing / Carriage driving / Draft / Draft horse showing / Horse pulling / Trail / Trail riding






The ultra slim MX nail is designed to reduce hoof wall displacement to a maximum and to provide a very smooth and accurate drive of the nail. This nail is especially suited for those horses with very sensitive or thin hoof walls.



The EXL nail is a high quality Mustad nail for farriers who like to nail high but at the same time need a secure and strong fit. The rationale behind nailing extra high is to minimize hoof wall damage in case the horse steps out of its shoe. The EXL performance nail is a nail with extra length, a slim design but with extra material in the neck to secure an optimum fit. The blade is even slimmer than the blade of the E-slim nails but as it is also wider, the nail maintains its strength. This nails suits very well to the Equi-Librium shoe but also in all other V-fullered shoe 

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