10 Inch Expander Wheel Belt 40 Grit Blue Zirconia

10 Inch Expander Wheel Belt 40 Grit Blue Zirconia

Expander Wheel Belts

  • 6" - Zirconia (40 or 100 Grit)
  • 10" - Zirconia (24, 40 or 100 Grit), Cubitron (36 Grit) or Ceramic (40 Grit)


Ceramic & Zirconia Grinding Belts

  • 2" x 36" - Zirconia (24, 40, 60 or 80 Grit) or Ceramic (40 Grit)
  • 2" x 48" - Zirconia (24, 40 or 80 Grit) or Ceramic (40 Grit)

Belt Materials Commonly Used in the Farrier Market

Aluminum OXIDE (AO) - Most economical, good for buffing and tool maintenance

Often a brown material, used most often for maintenance of tools with finer grits (100, 120 and up). This material will not have good life when used to grind shoes or steel with coarser grits.

Zirconium OXIDE - More durable, good for shoe and heavy grinding

A particulate material that gives better life than straight AO, working well for general purpose grinding of many types of material. Often has coolant coating such as with 3M 577 or 877 belt series.

Ceramic - Most durable, shoe and heavy grinding

These belts will give the best life for metal use and many farriers have found these to be the best value even though they can be more expensive than Aluminum Oxide and some brands of Zirconium belts. Generally less expensive than 3M Zirconia. Common grit for grinding shoes is 40 on an expander wheel although they are available in coarser and finer grits.

Common Belt Grits

  • 24-40 grit - aggressive grinds
  • 60-80 grit - mid-range grinding
  • 100+ grit - tool finishing/polishing

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