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Diamond Hone Knife Flat Sharpener

FC14PerfectCN balanced; one round, crowned face, one flat Faces beveled to reduce possibility of chi..


Flipstik Stubby Mini Steel

Knife sharpener with round, tapered shaft, diamond particles embedded in steel...


NC Tool Micro-100 Sharpener

The Micro 100 is a "Fit in your pocket" hand sharpener that gives you a really sharp knife in just s..


Nicholson 6" Extra Slim Taper File

American pattern taper file, extra slim Triangular shape, Single cut  Tapers slightly towards the po..

Nicholson 8" Hoof Knife Sharpening Steel PREORDER

Nicholson 8" Hoof Knife Sharpening Steel

American pattern hoof knife sharpening steel Excellent for sharpening hoof knives, small knives, sci..


Save Edge Diamond Knife Sharpener

This hone for hoof knives features industrial diamond grit with a broad blade and rounded corners re..