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Heller 14" Black Legend Rasp

The Heller Black Legend is a rasp with a larger tooth angle, similar to the Heller Legend. That make..


Heller 14" Black Master Rasp

The Heller Black Master is a finely toothed rasp, similar to the Red Tang. This rasp is especially w..


Heller 14" Legend Rasp

The Heller Legend is a rasp with a larger tooth angle, resulting in a more open structure in the ras..


Heller 14" Red Tang Rasp

The Heller Red Tang rasp is a finely toothed rasp that removes material easily. This rasp is especia..


Heller 17" Big Hoof Rasp

The Heller Big Hoof is an extra long fine toothed rasp. Its length makes this rasp a good choice for..


Heller Blackmaster Finish File

All the great design features of the Master Finish file including Simonds exclusive black coating fo..


Heller Master Finish File

The Master Finishing rasp has two file sides differing in teeth density. This rasp can be used for t..