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Anvil Brand Long 11" Pritchel

Used to open up the nail holes; s-7 pritchel  ..


Bloom Forge H-13 Pritchel

H-13 PritchelBloom H-13 Pritchels are made of H-13 Steel. Air cool, do not quench. Measures: 11" x 3..


Bloom Forge Long Pritchel

10-1/2" tool steel pritchel. This is designed to make the final punch of your nail holes in a precis..


Flatland Forge Pritchel

They have a long gradual taper, with clean, sharp edges. The pritchels are hand forged, not machined..

Jim Blurton Pritchel E-Head In Stock

Jim Blurton Pritchel E-Head

Horprit farriers to change shoeing posture without having to drop the foot.- Takes your mind off you..


Mustad Pritchel

Mustad Pritchel Made out of air-hardened Steel The Mustad pritchel is manufactured out of ..


Nordic Forge Pritchel 108

Machined from quality tool steel with hardened point. Used to open and resize nail holes. 5/8" x 12"..


Nordic Forge Pritchel NS7

Precision machined from S7 tool steel, then heat treated and hand polished to a superior finish. Thi..