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Anvil Brand Long 11" Pritchel

Used to open up the nail holes; s-7 pritchel  ..


Bloom Forge H-13 Pritchel

H-13 PritchelBloom H-13 Pritchels are made of H-13 Steel. Air cool, do not quench. Measures: 11" x 3..

Bloom Forge Long Pritchel PREORDER

Bloom Forge Long Pritchel

10-1/2" tool steel pritchel. This is designed to make the final punch of your nail holes in a precis..


Flatland Forge Pritchel

They have a long gradual taper, with clean, sharp edges. The pritchels are hand forged, not machined..


Jim Blurton Pritchel E-Head

Horprit farriers to change shoeing posture without having to drop the foot.- Takes your mind off you..


Mustad Pritchel

Mustad Pritchel Made out of air-hardened Steel The Mustad pritchel is manufactured out of ..

Nordic Forge Pritchel 108 PREORDER

Nordic Forge Pritchel 108

Machined from quality tool steel with hardened point. Used to open and resize nail holes. 5/8" x 12"..


Nordic Forge Pritchel NS7

Precision machined from S7 tool steel, then heat treated and hand polished to a superior finish. Thi..


Grant Moon Standard Pritchel

Designed by Grant Moon and produced to the highest standards. Made in Italy. Superior material ..