Clinch Cutters

Clinch Cutters
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Bloom Forge Combo Cutter PREORDER

Bloom Forge Combo Cutter

These hammers are used to start and draw clips on horseshoes. Forging skill is needed to properly us..


Diamond C7 Clinch Cutter

Diamond® Clinch CutterThe Diamond® Clinch Cutter is drop forged from high-quality tool steel. This c..


Double S Clinch Cutter Right

FC14PerfectFC1 balanced; one round, crowned face, one flat Faces beveled to reduce possibility of ch..


MFC Clinch Cutter w/Rubber Handle Right

HorseAllowsWSHAMCLB farriers to change shoeing posture without having to drop the foot.- Takes your ..


Mustad Clinch Cutter

Mustad Clinch Cutter simple and stable The Mustad clinch cutter is used to open nail clinc..